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Montana Gael Irish Images

Images of Ireland 


the Irish Diaspora

A photographic archive based in Montana, USA


Picturesque, Fascinating Ireland

Since 2008, we at Montana Gael have preserved historic images of Ireland (and the Irish abroad) as a working research archive. We collect photographic prints, negatives, postcards, glass lantern slides, stereoviews, original art, and books from 19th- and 20th- century Ireland, providing digital images and original source work for research, museum exhibits, family histories, and publication. We also work on project-based displays and courses in the United States and Ireland, and maintain an eBay storefront and auction presence. Welcome to our site. 

About Us

Our Services

Photo Archive

Our image collection encompasses 15,000+ images of Ireland and the Irish abroad


We offer contract research for museums, architects, historians, and genealogists 

Collections and Collector Sales

We seek and sell original images, art, and rare books for collectors worldwide

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Looking for your Irish Past?

We can help find images that match your Irish heritage: historic landscapes, political events, and even sites and events in personal memories.

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